Bombi Stroller Review: The Best Toddler Travel Stroller

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As a mom who travels frequently, finding the best toddler travel stroller for my 1-year-old was an absolute MUST. I’m on a mission to find the best one, and I’ve tried a few.

I can already tell you that for me, the Bombi Bēbee Lightweight Stroller has ticked all the boxes for me. That’s why I’m writing this detailed Bombi stroller review, to help you determine if this is the the right stroller for your traveling toddler.

In this review, you’ll learn:

  • What to look for in a great travel stroller (and why the Bombi meets all the criteria)
  • The pros and cons of the Bombi Bebee
  • How the Bombi compares to a more expensive, very similar stroller
baby sitting in a grey stroller drinking a bottle and smiling with a european church door behind him
1-year-old Malcolm is all smiles in his Bombi Travel Stroller in Krakow, Poland

What to Look for in a Travel Stroller for Toddlers

Searching for a travel stroller is different than searching for your everyday stroller. Although, full disclosure, I do actually use our Bombi as my everyday stroller, because it’s so convenient.

When selecting a kids travel stroller, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Portability – How easily does the stroller fold up? How small does it fold? Is it easy to bring in a car? On a plane? Is it lightweight enough to carry? Do I need two hands to fold or carry it?

Comfort – Will my child be comfortable in this travel stroller? Does it include amenities like a large sunshade to protect them on sunny days? How do the buckles fit? Does the stroller offer a deep recline so baby can nap in the stroller?

Storage – Can I put stuff underneath the stroller? How big is the storage basket? Can this stroller hold my full sized diaper bag? Is there a cup holder for my ever-present Starbucks?

Movement – How well does the stroller maneuver? Does it perform well on grass? Dirt? Cobblestones? Does it turn easily and is it easy to push? Can I push it one-handed?

Also important to me was having a narrow stroller. Most baby travel strollers on the market do fit this criteria, which is something I deeply appreciate about the Bombi and its competitors. I love being able to push my son through a store, into a restaurant, or even in the narrow halls of an ancient castle. You just can’t do that with a regular stroller.

two travel strollers folded up in a living room side by side
Comparing my two travel strollers. They are very similar!

How Does the Bombi Stack Up?

First let’s meet the Bombi Bebee herself!

The founders of Bombi™ are on a mission: “to give rad parents equally rad products that you’ll not only feel excited to use, but fit your lifestyle, are built to last & most importantly, better for the planet.”

It’s hard not to get on board with that sentiment immediately! An awesome product that fits my lifestyle and is good for Mother Earth? Sign me up!

So already the Bombi Gear stroller is clearly different. This company is dedicated to eliminating waste in their products. So their strollers are made using recycled plastic. Each eco-friendly stroller uses fabric made from 56 recycled plastic bottles, saving 56 single use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

But eco conscious kudos aside, the product is just genuinely great.

In terms of our criteria above, the Bombi Bebee excels.


Portability is no problem with the Bombi. It folds up quite easily and quickly into a compact 21″ x 20.75″ x 10.50″. It’s even smaller with the wheels removed, which is a smart option for air travel.

The Bombi is designed to be able to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane, but every airline has different sizes and standards, so you should check before you fly. It can definitely be gate checked, however, and that’s what we’ve done when flying with the Bombi. Since it folds up quickly, we’ve been able to push our son all the way down the gangway and fold it up just before boarding the plane.

How is the fold, you ask? Pretty darn good! While many travel strollers, the Bombi included, advertise a one-handed fold, I’ve personally never found that quite to be the case. Maybe it’s my small, weak hands, but I need a little help from both my mitts when folding and unfolding any travel stroller.

That said, this one does FLY open and ZOOM closed, so once you’ve got the hang of it the fold/unfold is super fast and efficient.

a group of suitcases bags and a stroller are sitting on a sidewalk in a neighborhood
Our luggage for a recent trip to Europe. You can see how compact the Bombi Stroller is!


Comfort-wise, the Bombi has an XXL sun canopy that can unzip for maximum coverage. This folds way down over your child; much more than most other travel strollers. That’s a definite plus for outdoor excursions.

The seat recline is one of my favorite features. Laying back to 150 degrees, the Bombi reclines a perfect amount for stroller naps. And conversely, it pushes upright to a good sitting position. Our son was able to comfortably enjoy snacks while sitting in the Bombi–especially with the snack tray!

And what about the seat itself? The clips and buckles?

This is actually something that made me seek out the Bombi in the first place! The crotch portion of the seat buckle has a large cushion, and this is so important. My son Malcolm kept slipping down in his other travel stroller and that part of the seatbelt was just a thin strap, so he always looked SO uncomfortable. The Bombi fit is far superior and he seems way happier!

a mom sits on some steps next to her toddler son in a stroller. in the background is a medieval white tower
You can see the comfortable cushion on the strap here. So much better!


Another aspect where Bombi gets ALL the praise! While storage space can never be amazing in a compact travel stroller, the Bombi offers the best under-storage space I’ve seen.

While I haven’t used the Babyzen YoYo stroller myself, I’ve spotted a great many of them while traveling. The storage space underneath looks practically non-existent. This would never work for me, who is a bit of a packrat.

The other stroller I’ve owned, the Uppababy Minu V2, was in many ways an outstanding travel stroller. However, the storage basket was just not sized correctly. It was too small to fit even my travel diaper bag, and had an inconvenient bar making the opening smaller. I was constantly trying to cram things in and it was very stressful.

Not with the Bombi. My diaper bag slides in like a charm and I’ve been able to fit a shocking number of additional things down there. It keeps surprising me!

a black and white fluffy tuxedo cat sits in the basket beneath a stroller, seen from behind the stroller
My cat Arlo insisted I show you just how much space the Bombi has underneath.


This might be the one area in which Bombi slightly falls short. While it absolutely is a sturdy stroller that can handle the majority of terrain, we found it underperformed in tougher situations, such as cobblestone or grass. When hitting a low bump on the pavement, it would sometimes come to an abrupt stop instead of rolling over the bump.

a toddler sits in a stroller smiling and wearing blue reflective sunglasses
Please ignore the crumbs. PS: Highly recommend grabbing the snack tray when you buy your Bombi.

Ultimately, the Bombi Bebee’s wheels didn’t seem as robust as that of the Uppababy Minu. However, this is not a deal-breaker in any way. For me, the other features far outweigh the occasional struggle over cobblestone (and let’s face it—ALL strollers struggle on such uneven turf!) You would need a hardcore jogging stroller to manage all terrain with ease. This is a fair tradeoff with the compact and lightweight nature of a travel stroller like the Bombi.

One Last Thing: Aesthetics!

I almost forgot! The Bombi Gear stroller is CUTE!!! I don’t know about you, but I always think about how my stroller will look in photos! The Bombi is beautiful and it comes in the best colors. We got Stone Gray but I’ve been jealously pining over the Glacier Blue…

product photo of bright blue travel stroller - the Bombi Beebee Lightweight Stroller
Photo Courtesy of Bombi

Our Experience Using the Bombi Lightweight Stroller

So do I recommend the Bombi as the best travel stroller for toddlers? Absolutely.

After traveling abroad with both my Minu and the Bombi, I can definitely say the Bombi outshines other strollers. And I haven’t even mentioned one of the most important parts: THE PRICE.

Many of the top kids travel strollers out there come at a pretty high price tag. Bombi is the first one I’ve seen that offers the same experience for a fraction of the price. I paid $449 for our Uppababy Minu, which seemed fair at the time. The Bombi? $199.

I wanted to be able to recommend an excellent AND affordable travel stroller to my fellow travel moms, so I immediately purchased the Bombi so I could give it a solid try. And yes, it won me over.

You can buy the Bombi Bebee here, or simply read more of its stellar reviews. 
When you're ready to buy, use my discount code LETSADVENTUREBABY20 to save $20 on the stroller and an accessory. 

Is the Bombi the Top Toddler Travel Stroller?

So is the Bombe Bebee Lightweight Stroller right for you? It might be! If you’ve been eyeing the Uppababy Minu but were hesitant because of the cost, then check out the Bombi. To me, these are the most similar ones I’ve spotted.

If you’re looking at other travel strollers, add the Bombi to your consideration list. It truly offers the luxury of the more expensive travel strollers at a much more affordable price.

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